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QDOBA® is the leading fast-casual Mexican restaurant franchise, with over 700+ restaurants spread throughout North America.

With a menu filled with fresh ingredients and craveable, made in-house flavors, our commitment to quality is as strong as our commitment to our customers. And our distinctive Mexican-inspired décor, along with our friendly and energetic spirited team members, help create our fun, flavorful atmosphere.

At QDOBA, we believe that successful franchises are built on flavorful food, frontline innovation, and strong business partnerships. And we are invested in our franchisees’ success. We are actively seeking equally passionate franchisees to join our brand.

Reasons to Invest

  • A leader in the fast-casual Mexican restaurant category
  • Proven performance within existing markets and franchisees
  • Strong catering and off-premise business
  • Exciting opportunity to grow with a strong brand
  • Broad appeal: multiple demographics, occasions, and dayparts
  • 50 percent of locations corporately owned

Key Differentiators

  • A focus on freshly prepared, flavorful food made in-house, as competitors move to commissary kitchens
  • Our menu of fresh ingredients allows for more efficient inventory management and capital investment
  • Trade Area Modeling software uses data analytics and competitive analysis to determine the right trade areas for our franchisees
  • Easy buildout for lower construction and operations costs compared to other concepts
  • Flexible footprints accommodate different types of spaces from traditional to airports to universities
  • Strong catering and off-premise business provide additional revenue streams without additional overhead
  • Marketing support and technology allows for customizable materials for local/regional flexibility

QDOBA is an exciting opportunity to grow your portfolio with a strong brand. (Desktop Heading) QDOBA is an exciting opportunity to grow your portfolio with a strong brand. (Mobile Heading)

Over 700+ restaurants throughout north America and growing strong! (desktop image) Over 700+ restaurants throughout north America and growing strong! (mobile image)

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From the very beginning of the franchising process all the way through to the grand opening and for as long as you own the franchise, QDOBA offers outstanding support services to help you succeed.

Our real estate and location support team will help guide you through the entire process from site selection to construction planning.

  • Development managers who support our franchise growth and real estate analysis
  • Strong network of master brokers throughout North America
  • Construction support
  • Trade Area Modeling program

Franchise stores contribute 1.25 percent of sales to QDOBA’s national marketing fund, which covers:

  • Access to a dedicated franchise marketing consultant to optimize sales-generating marketing activities
  • Search engine marketing, including ongoing management and optimization by award-winning accredited resources
  • QDOBA website, iOS and Android mobile apps, including online and mobile ordering capabilities
  • Access to local CRM database and email engagement platform
  • QDOBA Rewards program for our most loyal and valuable customers
  • Culinary and product development resources that drive menu innovation and new product offerings
  • Promotional merchandising and graphic design production
  • POP production
  • National PR outreach
  • National social media
  • Media asset library

QDOBA's 20 years of experience has allowed us to fine-tune management and training support.

  • Management training
  • Crew training
  • Opening support
  • Ongoing training and support

Franchisee Insights

How did you get started why QDOBA?
What do you like about QDOBA?
Why did you choose QDOBA?
What excites you about QDOBA leadership?
Is there any advice you can share with prospective franchisees?
What are your thoughts on QDOBA's future?

"We opened our first store in 1998 and every year since, we’ve opened up at least one store. Last year we opened two stores, the year before that we opened 7. We are getting the returns from QDOBA and see it as a brand that is growing."

Ron Stokes Franchisee since 1998


"It's not franchisor and franchisee. It’s US. We all wear QDOBA. We’re all trying to push the same thing and for it to be successful."

Chris winters Franchisee since 2006


"The QDOBA leadership team, they’re passionate. I haven’t seen many senior management teams work as hard or as long."

Tom Lewison Franchisee since 2010

"It has been very satisfying to introduce this special brand to new markets, and to hear the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who feel that QDOBA is far superior to competing franchises."

Jeff J. Froccaro Managing Member Q Restaurant Associates LLC